From SaaS to DaaS and Beyond

By now we’re all familiar with SaaS, or Software as
a Service
. It’s one of the basic building blocks of an enterprise cloud
computing implementation. Are you ready for the next wave? Meet DaaS, Data
Warehousing as a Service

Internet Evolution’s Sean
says that at first glance, DaaS
sounds like an impossible idea

Data warehouses and the business
intelligence applications built atop them are typically carefully crafted and
highly customized, even though the underlying software may be fundamentally
similar across enterprises. Companies that manage to create a working data
warehouse frequently hold their business analytics close to the vest.

Why send your data warehouse to the cloud?

For many
midsized companies, building a data warehouse in-house is a bridge too far,
just in terms of the cost of the hardware and software and the prerequisite
skills needed to pull it all together. At many small and midsized companies, as
a result, ‘business intelligence’ usually amounts to a Microsoft Excel ‘pivot
table’ with data extracted from a report.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Gallagher notes that
many service providers, including Kickfire, Oracle, IBM, and others
have services to show off. Especially interesting is Kognitio, which has already been providing DaaS-like services
for 13 years. Perhaps now its time has come.

— Don Willmott