DiceTV Update: Do You and LeBron James Have Something in Common?


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Career lessons from LeBron James, small businesses aren’t happy – or hiring, and what’s next in Mobile.


  • So, let’s talk LeBron. Everyone else in the world
    is, so why should we miss out?
  • You’re probably not a superstar basketball player –
    and your ego’s probably closer to earth – but there’s some lessons to
    learn from his scoot from Cleveland to Miami.
  • So, if you’re switching jobs, consider this:
  • Your boss shouldn’t hear about your move through a
    rumor, Twitter, Facebook or anyone but you.
  • Always be professional and even thank your boss for
    the chance to work with him – even if you don’t like him.
  • Don’t talk up your new job or try to recruit
    co-workers before you leave.
  • Remember – you’re good, but you’re not
    irreplaceable. Be humble when talking to people about your move. That way,
    they’ll respect your decision and won’t resent your moving.
  • Basically, LeBron broke every rule in the book. He
    can get away with it, but the rest of us probably can’t.
  • Small companies hired fewer new people in June than
    they have since October.
  • That’s from Intuit, the maker of Quicken and
  • The Chicago Tribune says that’s making some people
    worry that small businesses won’t be able to lead an economic recovery.
    That’s what they usually do.
  • It also could indicate big companies will be slow
    to hire.
  • Intuit says companies with fewer than 20 employees
    added just 18,000 workers last month. In February, they added 60,000.
  • The reason seems to be that companies just don’t
    know where the economy is going.
  • That’s making them afraid to commit.
  • So, what’s next in mobile? We’ve got games, we’ve
    got e-mail, we’re getting location-based services.
  • How about CRM?
  • Wille Jow, a vice president at Sybase, thinks it’s
    a logical progression.
  • On IT Business Edge, he argues mobile workers can
    make better decisions when they get real-time information from company systems.
  • Yankee Group backs him up. They say mobile CRM can
    eliminate redundant activities, increase win rates, and reduce sales-call
    costs, among other things.
  • And my wife says my iPad’s just a toy.

— Mark Feffer

DiceTV Update: What Do You and LeBron James Have in Common?