Wednesday’s Headline Roundup

Source: No Broad Job Cuts Planned at Microsoft [cnet]
Microsoft may eliminate some jobs as it begins a new fiscal year, however the company is not expected to undergo massive layoffs along the lines of what it did last year, when thousands of jobs were eliminated, according to a source.

IT Job Market To Remain Volatile [InformationWeek] 
The IT jobs market is likely to remain fickle and unpredictable in the coming months, based on the latest U.S. Department of Labor statistics, which indicate the IT employment picture could be impacted by a double dip in the current recession.

Apple Blocks App Developer [NYT]
Apple said that it had banished a developer and his applications from the company’s online store after he breached the accounts of users and engaged in fraudulent purchases.

What Does the Ideal IT Resume Look Like? [CIO]
Everyone has an opinion on what information an IT resume should include and how it should be formatted. Please share yours.

Google VoIP App Draws Petition [InformationWeek]
Users of Google Voice call for the release of a voice-over-IP desktop client for Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs.

Are Your IT Folks Snooping Your Protected Data? [CIO]
 In a survey of IT professionals published Wedneday, 67 percent of respondents admitted having accessed information that was not relevant to their role, and 41 percent admitted abusing administrative passwords to snoop on sensitive or confidential information.

Tennessee Tech University Gets An IT Facelift [Network Computing]
Jerry Boyd, assistant director of network services, had $10 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), also known as stimulus funding, to do a wholesale infrastructure upgrade at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville.

Sonia R. Lelii