DiceTV Update: Volatility Looms Over IT Job Market


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More signs of volatility returning to the job market, why you care about a debt crisis in Europe, and selected cuts at Microsoft.

Our main points:


  • The tech job market’s shown some promising signs
    lately, but it’s going to be unpredictable for a while.
  • On the one hand, the Bureau of Labor Statistics
    reported a net gain of 9,100 IT jobs in June.
  • On the other, Research firm Foote Partners sees a
    lot of “economic pessimism” out there.
  • That’s going to hurt any positive momentum that
    shows up from time to time.
  • The firm’s president, David Foote, says hiring of
    full-time tech employees will continue to be volatile
  • But there could be strong demand for specific
    skills sets.
  • Hot areas: ERP. virtualization, security,
    storage-attached networks, business process management, Web platforms, and
    some areas of application development.
  • You know all that talk about the debt crisis in Europe. It doesn’t affect you, right?
  • Sorry.
  • Gartner’s trimmed its global IT spending forecast
    for 2010.
  • It now expects spending increases to rise 3.9
  • Before, it was 5.3 percent.
  • The big reason: The European debt crisis.
  • Among other things, it’s causing both governments
    and companies to look for ways to reduce debt. That’s going to have a
    ripple effect.
  • All that economic pessimism is going to hurt, too:
    People are worried about a double dip recession, so spending in the
    consumer sector will probably be down, as well.
  • Microsoft’s considering some layoffs as it begins
    its new fiscal year, says cnet.
  • It’s part of the company’s annual reshuffling that
    results in cuts here, but new jobs there.
  • The website TechFlash reports the cuts number in
    the hundreds – not the thousands like we saw last year.
  • The cuts are being made globally.
  • A lot of them are reportedly in the marketing
    areas, TechFlash says.