Thursday’s Headline Roundup

Microsoft Swings Axe at ‘Hundreds’ of Jobs Globally [The Register] Hundreds of jobs have reportedly been slashed at Microsoft offices across the globe, but the company is keeping quiet about the staff cuts.

Region Leads Rebound in Technology Jobs [WSJ]
Technology jobs in Silicon Valley appear to be bouncing back more strongly than in the rest of the nation, in an upbeat signal for the local economy.

Chinese Outsourcer seeks U.S. workers with IQ of 125 and Up [ComputerWorld]
A Chinese IT outsourcing company that has started hiring new U.S. computer science graduates to work in Shanghai requires prospective job candidates to demonstrate an IQ of 125 or above on a test it administers to sort out job applicants.

The Dark Side of Server Virtualization [CIO]
The economics are firmly behind the trend. Server virtualization reduces the total cost of ownership.This is good for the business and the server group, but what effect does it have on the management of the network?

The Battle For Mobile Supremacy [InformationWeek]
PC history tells us that, of the dozen or so mobile platforms currently in play, not all can survive. Some must die.

Sonia R. Lelii