Another Reason You’ve Got to Match Your Skills to Each Employer’s Needs

If your skill set doesn’t involve the design cycle or maintaining an innovation edge, you may be among the disconnected IT workers who can’t find work even though companies can’t find workers.

Another Reason You've Got to Match Your Skills to Each Employer's NeedsMore than 80 percent of the Top 100 public tech companies are concerned about their ability to attract new workers and to retain the ones they have, according to the 2010 BDO RiskFactor Report for Technology Businesses.

How’s that possible when unemployment is at record highs?

The short answer, says BDO Partner and Practice Leader Aftab Jamil, is that companies had to cut loose a lot of talented people during the recession. "Now you have the challenge of coming out of the financial hole with not only the right strategy, but the right execution," he says. "That requires talent at your disposal."

You can turn that corporate challenge to your advantage, especially if you have the ability to develop new products, manage their launch, or have specialized technical sales ability.

Other Advantages

Since the competition for the next big thing is global, having cross-cultural project experience also gives you an advantage, so highlight it on your resume. "If you can demonstrate that you’ve not only the right technical knowledge, but the ability to contribute meaningfully in the global economy and work with the changing dynamics of the workforce, you’ll always be in demand," Jamil says.

For example, if you’re a salesperson, having technical experience matched with the ability to connect wherever the customer base is would be a powerful combination. If your last team included members in other countries, mention that on your resume.

If you’ve got a job but still want to use the BDO study viewpoint to your advantage, what can you do? Sharpen your focus on the skill sets that will be in demand in the next two to three years, Jamil says.

"Demonstrate that you are relevant and will be needed, and the stock options and bonuses and salary increases will come your way without your having to pressure for it," he suggests. "People don’t think about the next challenge within or outside their organization."

— Dona DeZube

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