Tuesday’s Headline Roundup

Employers Reboot Tech Hiring [Tulsa World]
Although Oklahoma is far removed from Silicon Valley, companies here plan to beef up their tech departments in the near future faster than their national counterparts.

San Diego Seeks Consulting for Outsourcing City’s Technology Services [Government Technology]
With debts soaring around $200 million, San Diego needs all the support it can get for less money. So it’s outsourcing to reduce its IT expenses by 45 percent.

NCTA: Number of IT jobs Jumps Again [Triangle Business Journal]
Recovery in the IT job market is continuing as the number of IT jobs posted in North Carolina rose 8.4 percent in May compared to April.

Demand for Educated Workers May Outstrip Supply by 2018 [WSJ]
The shift toward a "college economy" stems from a greater reliance on technology, which has recently replaced many blue collar jobs.

Permanent IT Jobs ‘Returning to Growth [CIO]
The IT jobs market is showing signs of recovery, particularly on the permanent side.

Renaissance Men Wanted: Big Problems Need Big Innovators [CIO]
Think innovation inside today’s corporation is lacking, and that no one is tackling complex global problems, such as climate change, renewable energy, health care and financial catastrophe? Think again.

Sonia R. Lelii