Friday’s Headline Roundup

IT Jobs Volatility Mirrored by IT Skills Volatility [eWeek]
Despite some consistency in job gains in a number of technology job categories over the three months prior to May, research figures from last month show a more muddled picture.

Dell Launches New State Healthcare Services Practice to Help States Meet Federal Healthcare Technology Mandates [MarketWatch]
As states look to understand and address federal regulatory requirements of healthcare reform, Dell Services today announced the launch of a new practice area to help them implement the technology needed to succeed.

IT Career Burnout: What to Do When the Thrill is Gone[CIO]
The demanding nature of IT jobs, coupled with a perceived lack of respect and appreciation, leads many IT professionals to lament, à la blues great B.B. King, that "the thrill is gone."

Firm to Add Up to 230 Nobesville Jobs []
A Chinese furniture maker today announced it could create up to 100 jobs with a new U.S. headquarters in north central Indiana. The announcement in Marion followed one earlier in Noblesville, and the two together could bring more than 300 jobs to the state.

Area’s Need for IT Workers Soar [Chicago Sun-Times]
The Chicago area will see great demand in the next few years for information technology workers specializing in "green" IT, mobile and wireless sectors, and in cloud computing and software-as-a-service.

State of the CIO [ITBE]
The results of a global survey administered by Harvey Nash and PA Consulting show CIOs are under pressure as they help bring their companies out of the recession and prepare for a new competitive landscape.

Offshoring: The 25 Most Dangerous Cities for Outsourcing in 2010 [CIO]
Karachi, Pakistan, Medellin, Colombia, and Juarez, Mexico earned the dubious distinction of most dangerous outsourcing hubs this year, given the growing geopolitical issues, crime and corruption, the threat of terrorism.

–Sonia R. Lelii