How to Design Big, Beautiful Data Centers

What goes into a well-designed data center? An incredible
amount of complicated, intricate, fragile and expensive gear. When you and
your team are in charge of putting it all together, how the heck do you know
where to start? IT Business Edge pulled
together an exceptionally helpful guide
to designing and building out a data center
. If you’re in a small or
medium-size enterprise, it may be a bit of information overload, but the
principles are solid no matter the horsepower of your servers.

How to Design Big, Beautiful Data CentersAmong the more interesting findings: The
alleged industry standard cost for building a data center, $600 to $900 per
square foot, is actually too high. The correct numbers are $400 to $700. That’s
certainly good to know. You can also download several worksheets and templates
that will help you start to run some numbers on your own data center needs.

While you’re at it, get inspired by checking out this photo
of the Siemens Information Systems Center near Philadelphia, a facility that processes
approximately 201 million transactions daily, including hospitals checking patient insurance eligibility to computerized physician order
entry. About 40 percent of U.S.
population has medical data hosted there. With more than 5,000 servers, this
may be the most hard-core data center you’ve ever seen.

Just look at the size
of those cooling pipes.

— Don Willmott