Top Golden State Economist Sees Silicon Valley, Bay Area Upturn

By Doug Bartholomew

"The San Francisco Bay Area will be the fastest growing area
in California for a while," a leading
economist, who tracks the Golden
State’s economy, tells Dice News.

Silicon ValleySteven Levy, director of the Center for Continuing Study of
the California Economy
in Palo Alto,
believes the hottest area for jobs growth will be in IT-oriented positions. "The growth areas for jobs will be in software and
social networking – not computer hardware," Levy says. "The growth will be in the
new areas, for instance, developing a service or designing a good, people-intensive activities. These jobs will require some kind of engineering

Most Software Executives
Plan Hiring

Ninety percent of software industry executives expect to add employees this year, according to a survey sponsored by Intacct, an online accounting service. Some 23 percent expect a "significant"
increase in staff, while about 71 percent believe their companies will return to their pre-recession level of
business this year, if they haven’t already.  Much of this growth in jobs will be in the San Francisco Bay
Area and Silicon Valley.  

Big Tech Companies
Adding Staff

A year ago, it was the big companies that were cutting staff
and laying off. Now it’s the opposite, as a number of large technology firms
are looking to add staff in the nascent recovery, which already appears to be favoring
the information technology sector. Among the larger Bay Area companies hiring are Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Juniper Networks and
Nokia. For instance, this week HP’s looking for an SSM software developer in Cupertino and a senior UNIX/Linux systems administrator in San Mateo.