Storage Industry Running Short of Data Management Pros

Fueled in
part by Web 2.0 demands of video, pictures and e-mail, as well as data-mining
trends and compliance legislation, an exponential growth in storage has created an insatiable
need for IT professionals who can successfully manage enterprise-wide
data. By 2012, EMC predicts the industry
will be short 1 million workers.

Data Center"Most of our customers need to augment storage, since data
demand is getting larger and more complex," says Gary Shoemaker, business
development manager for the company’s state and local government division. "Since
there’s so much data to sort and different kinds of data such as images, video
and voicemail, overall data is growing beyond what any data storage
professional can handle."

While EMC and other vendors
provide data automation and cloud computing services to ease the burden of data
storage management, data management professionals like capacity planners and
systems architects are in very high demand now and will continue to be in the
coming years.

Since storage infrastructures are
generally designed toward data archiving, data access and protection of
critical data, data storage professionals should have experience with backups, provisioning, archiving, replication and compliance, says EMC.
Other in-demand skills include IT infrastructure management and disaster
recovery, according to research firm Gartner

"(Storage professionals) need
to understand application requirements, performance and availability
perspectives," says Stanley Zaffos,
research vice president for Gartner. "And because now there’s focus on the server
level, they need to better understand business needs, recovery time and
recovery point objectives, capacity growth and managing assets."

Data storage professionals
should also have a skill set that evolves with data automation, including knowledge of new storage technologies like
data deduplication and virtualization.

There’s also a high demand for
consultants who can analyze a company’s storage needs and
recommend appropriate data automation and virtualization tools. EMC, EDS and
other companies employ large numbers of storage architects that perform data
storage analysis.

For training, SNIA offers the
Storage Networking Certification Program and EMC offers the EMC Proven Professional Certification Program. Dice Learning has a wide list of courses available. Just search on "Storage".

— Chandler Harris

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