Ten Companies Show Where Virtualization Is Heading

The IT community just can’t stop talking about virtualization, and for good reason: it’s been the top data center technology strategy of the past few years. Where is it going next? Earthweb’s Jeff Vance has scanned the virtualization landscape to come up with a list of ten companies with cutting-edge virtualization technologies. Reading up on what they’re doing is a good way to keep up to date with this fast-moving trend. Here are his ten picks with summaries of his analysis. Read his entire article to dig deeper, and save it for the future.

1. Crossbeam Systems
Crossbeam’s X-Series security platform virtualizes best-of-breed security applications (Check Point, Trend Micro, Sourcefire, etc.) on a single carrier-class chassis.

2. HyTrust
HyTrust provides a network-based virtual infrastructure policy enforcement solution.

3. RingCube Technologies
RingCube’s vDesk approach to virtual desktops is a novel one that they refer to as "workspace virtualization." Users can download and store their entire desktops, complete with all their applications, settings and personalization, on a USB 2.0 drive.

4. ScaleMP
ScaleMP’s vSMP technology focuses not on virtualizing within server environments, but rather aggregating multiple industry-standard x86 systems so that they appear to function as a single logical system.

5. SIMtone
SIMtone’s Universal Computing Platform enables carriers and service providers to build, configure, manage and deliver on-demand virtual hosted services.

6. Syncsort
Syncsort provides data protection software targeted at the server virtualization market. Using a block-level incremental technique, Syncsort’s BEX product provides low-impact backup for virtual machines, allowing for greater virtual machine density.

7. Venyu
Venyu provides data protection, recovery, and availability services tailored to support enterprise-level SLAs with a backup and recovery portfolio that includes online data backup, physical and virtualized recovery solutions, managed hosting, SaaS, and co-location services.

8. Virsto Software
Virsto aims to tackle the challenges server virtualization brings to storage. Its hypervisor-based VSX solution enables users to virtualize any workload, maximize consolidation of virtual machines, reduce storage management complexity and reduce storage costs.

9. Xangati
Xangati applies concepts from the Web 2.0 world like streaming, collaboration and user-generated content to help customers plan, monitor and manage their virtualized infrastructures.

10. Zenoss
Zenoss provides monitoring software for physical, virtualized, and cloud-based IT infrastructure. Zenoss monitors up and down the infrastructure stack from servers to network devices and applications across physical and virtual realms "all with one product and a single interface."

Don Willmott