DiceTV: Time for a Career Inventory?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmYQiC5T-2s?rel=0&hd=1&w=560&h=349]

Now that the economy is stabilizing, it may be time to think about your dreams again, set new career goals and analyze your current situation. Getting what you want may be possible without changing jobs. Watch our video, or read this for more.

4 Responses to “DiceTV: Time for a Career Inventory?”

  1. I think Cat is jumping the gun. The economy is stabilizing, but like a patient after surgery, some recovery is needed before things are back to normal. I have met many like myself who are still looking to get back into the working world after a layoff. We look hard but the openings are very specific and the competition is tough. It might be wise to hang onto what you have for a while longer. Time might go by slow when work is drudgery, but it passes quickly when you are out of work and the unemployment insurance clock is ticking down.

  2. J Clemens

    What grabbed me was the turning the corner on jobs. More family and friends have been laid off this year in 2010 than 2009. Small businesses that have been around for 20-40 years are closing down forever putting many folks out on the street. IT jobs are included here and this is across the country.

    In addition the government is still allowing foreign workers in at American wages who then send the money back home out of the United States. On top of this foreign students are paying only in-state tuition while the states are pushing to raise sales taxes to cover the budget short fall. If Americans were working they would be spending the money here and could afford to send their kids to college here.
    So I don’t buy turning the corner. We really need to stop the bleeding and take care of the American people needs here at home instead.