Tuesday’s Headline Roundup

Why Project Certifications Matter [CIO]

How Many Ways Can You Say Goodbye to a Job? [WSJ]

Helpdesks Under Siege [ComputerWorld]

Less Stress: More Work-Life Balance [CIO]

Interview Should Test Candidate’s Cultural ‘Fit’ [IT Business Edge]

Demand for Macs, iPhones Fuels Apple [WSJ]

Apple Macintosh: Where’s the Respect? [ZDNet]

Retail Tech: Whose IT is Tops, Who Needs to Restock [CIO]

Outsourcing: Ten Crippling Mistakes IT Departments Make [CIO]

USDA Awarding $310 Million for Broadband Projects [seattlepi.com]

Cloud Storage Hype: Customers Not Buying It [CIO]

With Sales Declining, Ericsson Plans More Jobs Cuts [NYT]

A Lost Decade for Bay State Jobs [The Boston Globe]

Sonia R. Lelii