Employment Trends Continuing into 2010

Although experts claim the recovery is under way, not every change ushered in by the Great Recession will abate during 2010. Some of the changes, especially those relating to the job market and careers, are likely to be permanent. Here’s a list of the conditions that we think will extend into 2010, and the steps savvy techies will take to succeed in the "new normal" labor market.

Diminished Job Security

Always keep one toe in the job seekers’ pool, because market conditions will continue to favor employers for the foreseeable future, and weak economic conditions will pressure vulnerable companies.


Employers have reduced their internal recruiting staffs, leaving managers to fend for themselves or use third-party recruiters to fill openings. Busy managers won’t have time to screen hundreds of resumes; so they’ll seek referrals to make new hires.

Complete Skill Sets

From excellent communication skills to understanding technology’s business impact, techies will need well-rounded skill sets to be successful in the future. Find a coach or a mentor to teach you the necessary skills and immerse yourself in the business, so you aren’t left behind.

Competition Will Reign

Several qualified candidates will compete for every job and promotion. Master internal politics, venture outside your cubicle on a regular basis and ingratiate yourself with users and executives to zoom past your competitors.

Leslie Stevens-Huffman