Your Top Items of 2009

As the year ends (Goodbye, 2009. Good Riddance. Seeya. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out), we were curious about what stories on Dice News hit the most chords. So, according to our trusty usage logs, here are the top five:

DiceTV: How to Answer ‘Tell Me About Yourself…’

"So," says the interviewer. "Tell me about yourself." Sounds pretty benign. But saying the wrong thing here can be lethal. It’s smart to think ahead about answering what seems to be a simple question.  Read More.

Resume Keywords: A Primer

If you want to advance from anonymous job applicant to interview candidate, your resume simply must include the right keywords. Why? Recruiters and potential employers search for the keywords that match skills and experiences required in a particular job. Read more.

What Do Interviewing Managers Think?

It’s interview day. You’re dressed to the nines and you’ve followed every tidbit of advice you could glean. If you only knew what the interviewer was thinking. Surprise. The first thought that often crosses an interviewer’s mind is… Read more.

DiceTV: The Art of the Phone Interview

So, how do you ace a phone interview? It’s really all about being prepared, and taking it as seriously as a face-to-face. Read more.

DiceTV: How to Call a Hiring Manager

If the thought of calling a hiring manager makes your palms sweat, you’re not alone. Experts even have a name for it: "call reluctance." The good news: You can overcome it. Here’s how.

Have your own ideas on what we got right (or wrong)? Thoughts on stories we should cover next year? Post your comments below.

— Mark Feffer