Optimism About Healthcare, Green IT Jobs

Hidden in a deep pile of discouraging IT employment
statistics from research firm The
Hackett Group
  was a small glimmer of hope about the healthcare and
green IT fields, which most analysts expect to thrive in upcoming years.

DirectionsFirst, the bad news from the report, as outlined by InformationWeek:

  • In 2009,
    about 630,000 back-office jobs – including about 300,000 IT jobs – were
    eliminated from the payrolls of 4,000 global, publicly traded companies with
    more than $1 billion revenue.
  • Of those
    jobs, about half – including 150,000 of the IT positions – were U.S.-based.
  • In the
    bigger scope, from 2000 to 2007, these corporation eliminated about 1.4 million
    back-office jobs, including approximately 900,000 IT jobs, about half which
    were in the U.S.

The better news:

There is still
"high demand" by companies to fill IT positions, including business
analyst, technology architect, program managers and SAP configuration
specialists.That includes the thousands of new IT jobs predicted to be created
in sectors such as healthcare and green energy over the next few years.

Of course, more efficient IT leads to job losses for
clerical workers, but as the report notes, that’s a story as old as bank
tellers and ATMs. It’s the same lesson taught one more time: Gravitate toward
the trends even if means moving out of your comfort zone and getting more
education or certifications.

— Don Willmott