Top CIOs Predict the IT Future for 2010

At a recent gathering of the Society of Information Management, an influential IT think tank you should get to know, TechRepublic Editor in Chief Jason Hiner cornered six high-powered CIOs with his video camera and ask what new IT trend were on their radar screens, and what they think IT spending will look like in 2010. His interviewees:

  • Larry Bonfante, U.S. Tennis Association
  • Curt Pederson, Oregon State University
  • Patricia Coffey, Allstate
  • Ed Trainer, Amtrak
  • Tony Scott, Microsoft
  • Peter Whatnell, Sunoco

Among the top technologies mentioned by the power brokers: cloud computing, open source implementations, green IT, consumerization of IT (workers bringing their own computers and phones to work), and thin clients backed up by virtualization. How many of these trends have you seen at your own workplace?

As for spending: Sad to say the executives agree it will be flat or declining, at least through 2010. "It’s certainly going to be a period of reduced or constrained spending," says Sunoco’s Whatnell.

— Don Willmott

One Response to “Top CIOs Predict the IT Future for 2010”

  1. Recently, ConsultNet, a national IT staffing firm, surveyed top hiring managers in four western states (CA, CO, TX and UT) and collected statistically significant data about their expectations for hiring and budget for the future ¿ and the outlook was greatly improved (when compared to the past six months). The data is broken out by state. Intermountain West states were significantly more bullish when compared to results from CA, and TX, which represented more stability, and not as much of a growth expectation.