Hot Skills for 2010

Will you be able to command premium pay in 2010? You have a better chance of receiving top dollar if you possess one of the hot certified or non-certified skills that employers are seeking.

IT consulting firm Foote Partners, has once again gathered and analyzed data from several sources, including technology spending projections from major research firms along with wage and salary data gathered through interviews with IT managers and professionals. It’s produced a list of the IT skills commanding the highest pay premiums during the previous quarter.

In addition to its reflective look, the firm also projected the certified and non-certified technology skills that will be highly coveted by employers over the next three to six months. Here are the top five skills in each category for 2010:

Non-certified Skills

  • SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
  • Linux
  • SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • C++
  • Microsoft Commerce Server

Certified Skills

  • Red Hat Certified Engineer
  • Cisco IP Contact Center Express Specialist
  • GIAC Certified Incident Handler
  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner
  • Cisco Certified Design Expert

If you’re thinking about boosting your career through additional training or a new certification, consider one of these hotties, if you want to earn the big bucks.

— Leslie Stevens-Huffman


6 Responses to “Hot Skills for 2010”

  1. Luis Colorado

    While at I have seen several adds of companies at India that offer training in SAP and other similar ERP’s. I’m not endorsing them, I just wanted to bring up what I saw.

    Besides, SAP consultants in my understanding are well paid, but travel a lot and their assignments are short (they are just implementers, not developers).

    Regarding C++… I’m not that surprised… AFAIK, Microsoft itself uses C++ to develop its own products, not C# (please, somebody correct me if wrong). C++ is still widely used.

    Anyhoo… in this recession, more than making the BIG BUCKS, I’d be happy just having the steady income I used to have before being laid off.

  2. John Hutchison

    Microsoft like most companies develop their apps in a few languages depending on the app and what it needs to do. C++ might be getting some hype because it is still required for certain types of things (lower level hardware interfaces for example) but the big M also develops in C#, etc 🙂

    I am surprised to not see some hot commodities:

    1) Mobile development – think ipod/windows mobile

    2) Silverlight/.NET 3.5/MOSS – think xaml, MVC, etc

    3) Cloud Computing and Web APIs – think Salesforce, Google Apps, Azure, etc