The Recession’s Impact on Employee-Boss Relationships

Call it a sign of the times, but 61 percent of workers say they would not take their boss’ job if it was offered, according to Adecco Group North America’s latest  "American Workplace Insights Survey." The survey was taken in honor of Boss Day, which was Oct. 16 and the results were reported by Reuters.

  • Another 65 percent would not change anything about their relationship with their boss, while 53 percent sometimes question their boss’ honesty and a quarter of employees say that they do not trust that their boss has been honest about their job security. In fact the recession has had an impact on employee perceptions of bosses, here are some key findings from the survey.
  • Satisfaction still depends on boss/employee relationship: Almost all workers (89 percent) still think their relationship with their boss is more important or as important to their job satisfaction.
  • Accessibility unchanged: 87 percent of workers think their boss is just as accessible or more accessible as they were pre-recession.
  • Respect has only marginally increased: Only 14 percent of workers have more respect for what their boss does everyday since the recession began.
    Performance reviews are still in place: 87 percent of workers think their boss has the same amount of or more focus on the performance review process as they did pre-recession.

How has the recession changed your relationship with your boss? Share your thoughts.

Leslie Stevens-Huffman