What Would Gordon Do?

Being an early devotee of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve come to be a fan of the bombastic and bellicose star of the show, Gordon Ramsay. His pursuit of quality is an inspiration, and his acerbic expletive-laden methods of motivation are brutally effective.

So now, when I start to wonder if my work is good enough, I find myself scratching my chin, looking off into space, and wondering what would Gordon say.

Thinking about just applying a Band Aid to that area of the code, when you know you have time to refactor it and fix it once and for all? What would Gordon say?

“You *&%^ing wanker! You’re going to check that into the repository? Really!? Oh *&^ me! You’re gonna cause an unhandled exception for a user! Get back in there and fix it the right way!”

Or something like that.

Maybe it’s late at night and you figure you’ll just apply the changes without backing up the database first. It’s probably safe right? But, I wonder, what Gordon would say?

“Oh (*&^! Are you really in that big of a bloody hurry to get home and watch Star Trek reruns? You’re going to lose a whole *&^%ing day’s worth of transactions like that! Just back up the bloody database!”

Perhaps your harsh mental advisor isn’t a famous chef, but whoever that little voice in your head is, consult it from time to time. He – or she – will keep you on your toes, and your standards of excellence high.

Now, what are you doing puttering around on a blog? You lot need to get back to doing work of the highest quality!

Chad Broadus


One Response to “What Would Gordon Do?”

October 15, 2009 at 3:25 am, Jim Horrell said:

Hi, Chad,

That was a very interesting and thought provoking evaluation of software development. I sometimes watch Chef Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen, and for what its worth, I think your immitation of him was right on!



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