Developing Green IT Cred

Computerworld has
the lowdown on how
to improve your green knowledge
so you can remain conversant in new
technologies and stay ahead of the pack as green issues continue to captivate
CIOs in the months and years to come. The article outlines four skill sets you
may want to look into as you become a nascent green IT guru.

Green IssuesFacilities Design and

"Organizations of all stripes are trying to create more
sustainable work environments, with some aiming for Leadership
in Energy and Environmental Design
(LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. As
such, IT professionals are being asked to help create a green footprint."

Carbon Management

"As companies try to cut their carbon footprints,
they’re turning to their IT leaders to develop the systems need to calculate
and track carbon throughout the organization and its sometimes vast supply
chain. Thus, someone in IT needs to know about embedded carbon and how to
measure it in the products and processes throughout the company."

International and U.S. State
Environmental Laws

You may not be a lawyer, but "IT leaders are
encountering state laws and international regulations that impact everything
from the IT products they buy, to how they dispose of them, to their company’s
carbon footprint."

Energy Management

"IT leaders must develop a better understanding of
their entire organization’s energy needs as well as a better relationship with
their electrical utilities."

The article also suggests looking into ways to recast skills
such as business analytics, change management, telecommunications, and asset
management/TCO in a green rubric. It certainly looks like the time to go green
is now.

— Don Willmott