Accelerated MBAs Deliver ROI

Techies looking to advance their careers often consider enrolling in accelerated MBA programs, where they can earn a degree in about a year, often through online courses. But before selecting a program, you should check out the latest survey of one-year MBA programs from The Wall Street Journal. Accelerated MBAs are the norm in Europe, but are just beginning to gain traction in the U.S.

The Journal’s Diana Middleton warns many accelerated programs may actually limit a participant’s career opportunities: They’re so compressed, they don’t offer the chance to acquire hands-on experience through internships. So, many are attempting to add apprenticeships or internships to their programs. Be sure to investigate the opportunities available through any program you consider.

Writes Middleton:

… for people looking for a boost in their current career or a way to wrangle the skills they have into a new industry the fast-track M.B.A. can produce a boost in title and salary. On average, alumni survey respondents reported pre-M.B.A. base pay of $55,050. At their first job after graduation, that figure increased to $95,000. And two years later, the same alumni earn just over $110,000.

What should you take away from this survey? The more education the better, and the accelerated MBA is one more way to boost your business knowledge – and your earning power.