DiceTV: What Hiring Managers Are Thinking

It’s interview day and you’re still sweating, because all you want to know is: “What’s the interviewer thinking?”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRXbu1sxPQc?rel=0&hd=1&w=425&h=349]

Surprise. The first thought that crosses an interviewer’s mind isn’t likely to be about how you’re dressed.

Instead, they’re praying you’re going to be the right person for the job. They’ve already talked to a lot of candidates and they still have this opening to fill. What they really want is for the next person who walks through the door – that would be you – to be the right one.

That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, so don’t get all laid back about your clothes. Because whether you look professional is the NEXT thought to go through the interviewer’s mind. Too often, candidates – particularly those without a job – show up wearing less-than-appropriate clothing. Don’t wear flip flops or worn out jeans. If you can’t make a good judgment call when it comes to interview attire, interviewers will be willing to bet you won’t make good judgment calls anywhere.

Even if business casual is company policy, don’t wear khakis. Recruiters say you want to look as polished and professional as you can.

Next, the interviewer wants to see that you’ve done your homework: Be sure you’ve looked at the company’s Web site, and identified issues and trends in the industry.

Go over the job posting and brainstorm the kinds of competencies the hiring manager is looking for, from attention to detail and communication skills to leadership ability. Then, think about your achievements and how they link to those qualities.

The next one is obvious. Or it should be.

Don’t be late. It’s just unacceptable. Scope out the location in advance – two hours before, or even the day before. When you do that extra legwork, you’ll be on-time, and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.

Finally, if there’s bad blood between you and a past employer, keep it to yourself. Never badmouth your past supervisors, employers or coworkers.

35 Responses to “DiceTV: What Hiring Managers Are Thinking”

  1. Drew Bartlett

    I hate to be a fuddy duddy but… While the advice is appreciated and, of course, Cat is very attractive… the swimwear in the past couple of posts is a wee bit distracting.

  2. MattyMat

    Pretty common, but necessary advice— you’d be surprised how many candidates I speak to ask me “what should I wear to the interview?” Dress like you want the job— Jacket & tie!! Your best corporate out fit— First impressions are everything walking through the door— regardless of how your resume looks!!!

  3. Wearing low cut tops always works for me when selling my ideas to management or customers. Why do some of you act so upset about Cat’s attire. You are the same guys looking down my top at work in meetings.

  4. Bernice

    It really irritates me when it ASSUMED that all IT candidates are male. Generally speaking, females don’t wear suit and tie. Professional dress is important, but dress slacks and nice blouse or, if position appropriate, a skirt and blouse are sufficient for me.

  5. MattyMat

    Y-e-e-e-sh!!! Everyone lay off the girl!! What’re you, a bunch’a quakers from the old country???

    Cat– you look fine– and if I could buy you a drink, you’d look even finer.

  6. Wendy Weinbaum

    Teresa: FYI, it is PERFECTLY legal here in Texas for women to go topless ANYWHERE, all the time. Most choose not to, but it is WELL within their rights to do so….just like for men!

  7. I’ve been doing those things for about 4 years, and am still unable to find work. Please tell me what I’ve been doing wrong, besides the fact that I don’t have experience in the work world.

  8. I think that the swimming pool interviews are a great marketing idea.

    The information is relevant and well articulated. Cat is not to tought on the eyes. It makes job hunting a lot better for this unemployment statistic!

    Lighten up, it’s summer time.

  9. It’s rather difficult to take seriously a woman in scanty swimwear advising me to not to wear “khaki’s” or worn-out jeans.

    Is Khaki a color or a cut? What kind of company are we ostensibly applying to? I know many IT companies where a polyester suit coat and tie will effectively end the interview before the 30-minutes of fake “I like you’s.”

    If that’ is our author in the swimwear, thanks but no thanks for the job. You’re not selling advise on how to find work – – are selling advise on how to climb a class-based social ladder. That’s why I walked off of those other jobs and why I work only for small independent companies that won’t hire people who wear restrictive nooses around their neck, no matter how expensive the silk from which the noose is made.

  10. Fuddy duddy go away! I wouldn’t have read the article or you might have passed it up too if it wasn’t her in her swimwear. She was more than fine in many ways! Now if she was in a g-string and tiny swimwear like from wickedweasel or something similar, that would have been a bit distracting. That video is rated G for everyone. Did you undress her beyond rated R? Shame shame.

  11. OMG! That’s right John! 🙂 There are other countries that are more conservative like where the taliban live. That might suit your taste more than the USA, if your interested. Many women are fully covered. I still think women have limited rughts in the USA! We can’t take off our tops like men do, on beaches or like in Europe! Sexist/unfair (hopefully, that may change soon across the USA)! I seen men with huge droopy breasts and they’re not covering up!

  12. Wow, the last time I made a comment that the video would have been better if Cat was in a bikini…and darned if I wasn’t dead on. The chick is smokin hot! Dare I try my luck again? Ok, why not? This video was great, but it would have been much better if we got a full body shot of this beautiful lady. Hint hint.

  13. Still Looking

    Old info! What about how to find crucial info on the company, chief officers, crucial names (head of HR) and more information to display a true interest in the company.

  14. willard farrington

    This information is old but it still needs to be heard the way things have changed with the laid back attitude of the people.what I think you should address also is the matter of age they say that it is against the law but it does not stop employers from putting your resume in the garbage so how do you deal with this66

  15. Yes, most employers do run credit checks as part of their background reports. They get reports from all three credit companies. So if you have had bad credit – and are a finalist for a full time position, it may make sense to disclose that, due to unemployment, for example, you have had some late payments. Or, in my friend’s case, lost a home due to foreclosure. Just try to emphasize that you are working through it and show a positive attitude (even if you are really upset over it).

  16. OMG; this is the second video I’ve wasted my time on. First guys, she’s NOT HOT. At all. Are you that desperate to see a bikini top (search elsewhere on the net.)
    As for the content, can you please try and be just a bit more simplistic? I didn’t hear you mention not to pick your nose, make sure your zipper is up, or don’t use more than one F-bomb every 2 minutes during the interview. Oh, and don’t pass gas, or at least make it noticeable during the interview either.
    She says don’t be late and dress correctly. DOH!

    Can’t believe DICE publishes these clips. Sure does lessen my view of DICE as a legit job networking spot.

  17. Come on now…You want US to be professional, right? This is NOT professional in a presentation.

    It’s nice to know that at least your honest about what some recruiting groups REALLY. Sit around the pool, have time off, NEVER or RARELY reply to email or phone calls from the workers you supposedly support.

    Most job boards are just providing junk or taking feeds off of others. Where do they make the money? From the advertisers and other promo things on the boards themselves. The LAST thing they seem to care about are the people that NEED work.

  18. Cat – Thanks for making my day with your comments and your look. I think at times like these we need to be reminded of what some may think is obvious. I think the swimwear adds to the presentation. It is not distracting. It holds my attention better and makes my situation more bearable. Thanks again Cat.

  19. KJ I believe your comments were slightly harsh. Being HOT has nothing to do with the clip, I interpret her attire as more what “not to wear” after all she is advising how to dress appropropriately for an interview. As for the additional comments as to not pick your nose, zipper, etc. I was taught these things growing up so these should be inate. Thank you Dice for these publications I worked a number of years in Human Resources and had numerous applicants show up in teeshirts, shorts and flip flops (hiring for construction administation). Dice keep up the clips.

  20. Cat,

    Talk about inapropriate attire.
    You swim out thrust your breast’s up in the air and then settle in for a discussion with your breasts sticking in our faces.

    Not all men desire to see strange women’s breasts.

    As for Teresa it’s obvious that you are an immature unexperienced person.

    Cat seriously, if you want people to take you seriously and professional people to not turn off after 2 seconds, don’t listen to your boss when he suggests you pop out in a scantily clad bathing suit next time.

  21. I thought that Cat gave good advice and I wasn’t offended at all by her attire. In fact, her attire helped get and maintain my attention all the way through. The first rule of communication is to get the people’s attention.

  22. Cat – you have got to be kidding? What hiring managers are thinking is – This girl is trying to use her boobs to get attention – I don’t think that this is the place or setting that anyone can take you serious – by the way – what did you have to do to get this job?? How can you expect anyone to take you seriously with your boobs hanging out of your bikini?? Talk about inappropriate. You are setting back women in business about 100 years..

  23. This info is LAME. I mean it’s all soooo basic like saying “make sure to wear a tie”.

    Nice tits!!!! Next up maybe she’ll give her little speech while doing a pole dance or a lap dance? Wth is with the bikinni? Very unprofessional.

    Here is my advice to CAt. When giving advice IT’S NOT APPROPRIATE THAT YOU ARE HALF NAKED unless you are advising how to be a hooker or pole dancer.

  24. Mr. Lucas Brice

    The point of this was that I should dress appropriately for a job interview? Gee, thanks! I never would have thought of that.

    What’s next, an article telling me that when I’m on a job interview, it’s important that I remember to breathe air?

    What a waste of time.

  25. Most of us don’t look for pool side jobs. we are looking for REAL jobs. Dice needs to rethink why they are here ( oh yeah it’s to promote and make bucks using a job board). PLEASE try to be professional and give ides that are not just what MOST people already know.

    To the DICE folks upstairs: Have you ever thought about your reputation? Must be the lowest priority when you try to look like great people sharing jobs that are already listed (and filled).

    All I have to say is WOW

  26. Pathetic..how is this new information?
    Wear appropriate clothing…Be on time.
    Lame, lame, lame advice.
    Here’s one for you: BE RELEVANT!
    Wear does the pool side scene come in.??
    Unbelievably dumb.

  27. Mark Feffer

    I’m sorry if we offended folks with this episode. Our intention is to take what some people regard as dry information and make it entertaining and easy to absorb. So, if people think Cat’s bathing suit is inappropriate, we’ll be sure to keep that in mind as we produce future episodes.

    As for the information being basic, well: That’s true, but i think it’s important to bear in mind that sometimes the simplest aspects of job hunting and interviewing are the very things people get tripped up on. We’ve heard a lot of people wonder what hiring managers are thinking about during interviews, so we talked to some to get an answer. One of the things we heard was that a surprising number of people dress more casually for interviews that they should.

    In any case, whether you liked this DiceTV or not, I’m grateful for your feedback and appreciate your taking the time to post it.


    Mark Feffer
    Managing Editor

  28. Jeff in metro Detroit

    Can we admit that there is a continuum of perspectives from which people view anything, even a DiceTV video? We all know that we cannot operate under the assumption that each of us is the only viewer of ANYTHING on the web…someone else may need the information that you find mundane, redundant, or otherwise short on value for you. If you can’t appreciate the breadth of the audience that relies on DiceTV, nor can you read between the lines to understand Mark Feffer’s approach (see Mark’s earlier entry, above), then I might not hire you or I might discern that you should not be trusted with sensitive information in the future. It would seem that you might lack the ability to filter out the noise in the information you would receive on a daily basis. For example, if you miss the point of this video, then would you be able to extract the vital 2 or 3 nuggets of useful information from an hour-long cross-functional meeting that I delegate to you, in which you are not a primary player? Let’s say Cat’s bikini and body are replaced by a very compelling presentation of a technology that you’ve been interested in implementing, but you don’t pick up on a few key limitations that we find to be project killers late into an ensuing project’s implementation phase? I believe this characteristic is called savvy. No, my comments don’t apply to all situations, but that’s my point.

  29. This looks like a calenders that are sent to mechanics by tool companies. Skimpely clad chic going
    ” Hi I am Cat” .

    How about improving on it for the rest of us goobers by putting her on G sting! and talking to us from half way up a stripper pole.

    What’s up with people @ dice! Where did they hire these marketing people?