Big Opportunities Often Come in Small Packages

Big companies in big urban areas aren’t the only employers job seekers should consider. Fortune Small Business just released its 2009 list of the fastest-growing small public companies in the U.S., and some are located in cities like Levittown and Fairview, Pa., Lancaster, N.Y., Minnetonka, Minn., and Walla Walla, Wash. Many of these areas feature a lower cost of living, when compared to a major metropolis, making them desirable options for techies who are willing to relocate. While the smallest employer on the list has only 16 employees, 31 of the 100 firms have 500 or more workers.


These companies have been increasing their top and bottom lines, meaning they aren’t generating profits solely through expense reduction, a strategy which often limits future growth. They represent diverse industries. Since it isn’t unusual for small to mid-size employers to rely on word-of-mouth to source new employees, don’t be afraid to reach out to each firm’s CIO to find out about current openings and future opportunities.

— Leslie Stevens-Huffman