Monday’s News: Companies Ramp Up Demand for Tech Freelancers

Layoffs are Increasing Demand for Tech Freelancers [ComputerWorld]

Look Before Your Leap at a New Job [WSJ]

Tech Giants Ramp Up Their Online Offerings [WSJ]

Silicon Valley Unemployment Climbs to a Record 11.2 Percent []

Silicon Valley Evolves from Technological, Economic Engine to California Political Machine []

Florida Seeks to Grow High-Tech Businesses [Capital News Service]

Push for Time Off Gains in Many States [WSJ]

Report: Steve Jobs had Liver Transplant [CNet]


Azima DLI Appoints Ron Sullivan as Director of International Sales [Azima DLI]

iVilliage CTO and SVP Richard Caccappolo Joins oneTXT as President and COO [oneTXT via BW]