Uncover Emerging Tech Jobs in the News

BusinessWeek’s published its list of Hottest Tech Companies of 2009, and you should pay attention. While at first glance the information seems to primarily benefit investors, the list is an excellent sourcing tool for job seekers, even beyond the current job openings listed on each company’s Web site or on Dice. The hidden job market flourishes in burgeoning companies, and the halo effect often extends to subsidiaries, supply chain partners, solutions partners and customers.

To find unadvertised job opportunities, set-up news alerts on several Internet search engines, so you can spring into action when you read about local companies securing new contracts, consummating acquisitions or hiring new CIOs. The alerts will also deliver press releases, which may never receive coverage in local media and business journals. They could inform you about local mixers and networking events and uncover local companies winning IT awards – which is a great way to start up a conversation with a manager.

In another example, this PCWorld article asserts nonprofits are often on the cutting edge of technology, surpassing their for-profit competitors. It goes on to describe a recent meeting of the nonprofit collaborative NetHope, where top IT leaders shared tips on how they’re using technology. Check out the list of attendees and speakers if you’re interested in a nonprofit gig that might include the opportunity to work with hot technology.

Bottom line: Techies with a nose for news may find hot job opportunities before they’re even advertised.

— Leslie Stevens-Huffman

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  1. C W Fletez

    Thanks for putting this notification out. Those looking for IT and Engineering jobs need this sort of information grouped together to make job acquisition simpler and more effective