Hidden Cameras Capture Terrible Job Interviews

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. A young man who goes by the name of "skipsness" decided to set up a fake office, post a Craigslist ad for a "marketing manager" position, then bring in candidates for bogus job interviews simply to see how they’d do, what kinds of mistakes they’d make, and what lessons could be learned about proper interview techniques. The results, which are condensed into 22 tips at How to Nail an Interview, are uniformly appalling.

To be fair, the bogus ad wasn’t seeking people with lots of work and life experience, but still, the behavior of the people who did show up was astonishingly bad and lacking in common sense. If you have ten minutes to kill, watch the videos. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you may learn a thing or two, such as "don’t play with your face/hair," and "don’t mention your spouse’s job," a hint inspired by one woman’s revelation that her husband works for a Bigfoot-hunting organization.

For some more useful advice on strategies for succeeding at large job fairs, consult Forbes‘ helpful list and slide show of hints. (The article quotes Dice’s Tom Silver, who points out the importance of distilling your pitch into five key points you can rattle off in under five minutes.)

— Don Willmott

3 Responses to “Hidden Cameras Capture Terrible Job Interviews”

  1. Grant Beardsley

    Holy Crap…that is some funny stuff….Some people in life just have no clue how to interview….Hey the good news is I would say most of these people will and can work in a car wash anytime they need employment.

  2. Buddy Y.

    Mildly amusing, but this guy is exploiting people. Is it legal to advertise fake jobs? I believe in some jurisdictions it is. If not illegal, what this guy did is still highly unethical.

  3. This whole idea that there’s a proper way to act during an interview is one giant mental delusion. People are so brainwashed. I can’t believe interviewers think they have to ask certain questions and candidate think they need to give certain answers. What the hell.

    We’re all just people trying to get along. Wake up and think for yourself!