To Find Jobs, Follow the Government Money

Follow the money. That’s what a lot of
companies and people are doing as money from the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act – more popularly known as "the stimulus plan" – begins
flowing into the economy.

For many who are looking for work, this could be a good way to track
down the kinds of jobs that will emerge between now and the end of the

It may be a good idea for job hunters to start surfing the Internet
and find out which organizations are getting money – and how much.
Check the Web sites of your local government, politicians or political
organizations. For instance, here’s one example from The Maine Democrat:

Acting to strengthen the health care safety net for the growing number of Americans in need, President Barack Obama and Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, and Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree
today announced the release of $2,590,713 authorized by the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act that will support two health centers in
Maine. These health centers will help people in need – many with no
health insurance – obtain access to the comprehensive primary and
preventive health care services and create 85 jobs in Maine.

It just may take a bit of sleuthing, but you’ll narrow your focus to
the companies and organizations that are hiring. For instance, Duke Energy
has already spent $35 million on smart grid initiatives, and even
before the stimulus plan was announced it intended to spend as much as
$1 billion on smart grid projects over the next five years, CTO David Mohler told Informationweek. About
15 percent of that spending – as much as $150 million – will be
IT-related.  According to Informationweek: "Duke is waiting to get
details on the standards that will be required for these projects, the
funding mechanisms, and the application process."

— Sonia Lelii