Google Profiles as a Job-Hunting Tool

Google’s new profile service could be an important tool for job seekers. Recently
unveiled by the Web giant though they’re still being "worked on," the
profiles allow you to present yourself, in your own words and
reflecting your own priorities, in Google’s search results. The good
news: Your profile shows up on the first page of results. The less
good: It shows up at the very bottom of the page.

Placement aside, you should care about this. At a minimum, you can
show off your academic and professional credentials by treating the
profile like an online resume. Though it’s not really set up to be
formatted like a resume, it’s a tool to reinforce the image you’ve
tried to present through cover letters, resumes and interviews.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look up people online nowadays. At
the very least, you have to plan for prospective managers to find your
profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook, as well as in old news items you may be in, or references to you in the profiles of friends or colleagues. If
you’re really smart, you’re tailoring your online presence to be a part
of your professional persona, using social networks and a personal Web
page to hammer home your message of talent and professionalism.

Also, you can’t ignore the fact Google’s profiles are part of – Google. As they gain traction – and given Google’s sheer presence, I
think they will – managers, HR folks and recruiters are sure to scroll
down to find the profile for each candidate they vet.

— Mark Feffer