What Engineering Positions Really Pay

Dice Staff,

The term “engineer” encompasses multiple disciplines. It could refer to the mechanical and electrical engineers who put electronics together; or

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Uber’s Bug Bounty Features a Twist

Nick Kolakowski,

Security pros, take note: Uber is offering sizable bounties for bugs. The ride-sharing firm wants to ferret out vulnerabilities in

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Hack a Chromebook, Earn $100,000

Nick Kolakowski,

Among tech professionals who specialize in security, Google is known as a company more than happy to shell out cash


Prepping for a Tech Management Role

Dino Londis,

Many tech professionals don’t begin their careers with dreams of taking a management position. Many would rather spend their days


The Most Popular Bad Passwords of 2015

Nick Kolakowski,

For years, security experts have told people they need better passwords protecting their online accounts: no more “123456” or “qwerty”

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The Most Challenging Talent to Hire

Dice Staff,

According to the January Dice Report, demand for technology professionals remains high, especially in specialized areas such as security, mobile

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