Y Combinator Investing in A.I. Track

Nick Kolakowski,

Tech incubator Y Combinator is devoting a “vertical group” to artificial-intelligence companies. The program will offer those A.I. startups a

Alphabet Selling Off Robotics Arm

Nick Kolakowski,

In December 2013, Google announced plans to acquire Boston Dynamics, creator of robots such as the four-legged BigDog and Cheetah.

Why Some Software Developers Fear A.I.

Nick Kolakowski,

Nearly a third of software developers feel that artificial intelligence will eventually take their jobs, according to a new survey

Robotics Could Wipe Out 5.1 Million Jobs

Dice Staff,

At this week’s World Economic Forum in Switzerland, the dominant theme is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which will supposedly have

IBM CEO Thinks Automation Creates Jobs

Nick Kolakowski,

The head of IBM doesn’t think that automation will threaten most workers’ jobs. “This is not about replacing people,” CEO