Internet and E-Commerce: A Range of Opportunities

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As the total number of Web sites worldwide inches toward the 200 million mark, it is important to remember the sites people regularly visit for information, entertainment, and shopping are only part of the Internet story. Virtually every company large and small is online in some form, and most use an assortment of Net-based services to run their businesses.

Check Online Conversations to See What Working at a Company is Really Like

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CIOs are paying more attention to virtual water cooler chatter about an organization, because it can impact their ability to recruit top-notch talent. And top-notch talent is paying attention to the chatter too, because if a company’s current talent is happy, it’s more likely a new recruit will be happy.


How to Capitalize on Emerging Industries and Technologies

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How to Capitalize on Emerging Industries and TechnologiesOne way to maximize earnings and remain marketable is by jumping into emerging industries and learning hot technologies. But job seekers often refrain because job postings request previous experience, even though few candidates meet the criteria. When you face that, keep in mind that a posting is really a wish list. While some might wait for the requirements to change, assertive job seekers are knocking on doors and accepting offers – without having prior experience.