Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 UX

What to Expect From Windows 10

Nick Kolakowski,

On Jan. 21, Microsoft plans on giving the world a more in-depth look at Windows 10, the next major version

Windows 8

Microsoft CEO on Windows 8: Whoops

Nick Kolakowski,

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella just admitted what many people are thinking: Windows 8 is a mess. “Let’s face it, we

Windows 9 logo

Is This the New Windows 9 Logo?

Nick Kolakowski,

Microsoft just accidentally—or “accidentally”—leaked a logo for Windows 9. Microsoft China posted the image to Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, along

Windows 8 image

Microsoft Pulls Latest Windows Update

Nick Kolakowski,

File this one under “Whoops”: Microsoft has rescinded its latest Windows update after it reportedly caused users’ PCs to either

Microsoft Charms

Windows 9: What Will It Look Like?

Nick Kolakowski,

Once upon a time, Windows provided a reliable source of revenue for Microsoft. But with Windows 8 reportedly losing market-share,