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Which Tech Sectors Are Hiring?

Nick Kolakowski,

Which tech segment added the most jobs in August? According to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,


Why Tech Pros Aren’t Happy

Nick Kolakowski,

In a bid to keep top tech talent in the building, some tech companies have resorted to extraordinary perks, from


Is Your State Losing Tech Jobs?

Nick Kolakowski,

Pop quiz: What’s the fastest-growing state for technology jobs? You might be tempted to say California or New York, or


Dip in Manufacturing Jobs Continues

Nick Kolakowski,

Tech employment fluctuates with the needs of companies. In cities like San Francisco, well-capitalized startups have driven the industry’s unemployment


Unemployment Down, Layoffs Up in Q2

Nick Kolakowski,

Despite the usual chatter about a tech bubble (and scuttlebutt about when it might pop), hiring for tech professionals stayed