Job Hunting

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Job-Hunting Advice from CIOs

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Who could be more qualified to offer job-hunting advice than current CIOs? Technology’s top execs not only oversee talent acquisition;


Your Summer Job Search Checklist

Nick Kolakowski,

Yes, the job market for tech professionals is strong. But that doesn’t mean companies are rolling out the welcome mat

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Entry-Level Job or Grad School?

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Working for a year or two before graduate school makes smart career sense for most students who graduate with a


How Tech Pros Hunt Down New Jobs

Nick Kolakowski,

This year’s edition of the annual Stack Overflow survey suggests that most developers aren’t actively searching for jobs—and when they

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Tech Firms Want Developers with BAs

Dice Staff,

How many tech companies want software developers with college degrees? According to a new study by Burning Glass Technologies, some