Want to Try Out Quantum Computing?

Nick Kolakowski,

Ever wanted to experiment with quantum computing? Now’s your chance: IBM plans on offering a quantum computing platform via the


Weather Company CTO Talks (Data) Clouds

Michael Vizard,

Thanks to the shortage in data-science talent, more organizations are relying on analytics-as-a-service offerings. This trend has set off something


IBM CEO Thinks Automation Creates Jobs

Nick Kolakowski,

The head of IBM doesn’t think that automation will threaten most workers’ jobs. “This is not about replacing people,” CEO

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.56.18 AM

IBM’s Watson and the Rise of A.I.

Steven Gara,

Relying on machine learning and so-called “smart computing” to solve and automate a variety of tasks has become more of


How AI Could Change Your Career

Mark Feffer,

More businesses than ever rely on artificial intelligence to either help employees make correct decisions, or automate certain processes entirely.