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Google Launches Android Studio 2.0

Nick Kolakowski,

Google has launched Android Studio 2.0, its official platform for building apps for Android-powered phones, tablets, and watches. New features

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Hack a Chromebook, Earn $100,000

Nick Kolakowski,

Among tech professionals who specialize in security, Google is known as a company more than happy to shell out cash


Android Continues to Gain Market-Share

Nick Kolakowski,

Google Android saw its market-share increase 16.6 percent, year-over-year, in the fourth quarter of 2015, according to the latest data


Should You Develop for iOS or Android?

Nick Kolakowski,

When you’re an independent mobile-app developer, you’re often strapped for time and resources. In contrast to the big software-development firms,


5 Reasons to Use C++ for Android Development

David Bolton,

Although Apple and Google champion specific programming languages for mobile development (Objective-C/Swift for Apple’s iOS, and Java for Google Android),

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Facebook, Google Top Year-End App List

Nick Kolakowski,

Which smartphone apps topped the rankings in 2015? According to new data from research firm Nielsen, Facebook and Google dominated