A Mad Scientist

IT Experts Must Become Innovators

Don Willmott,

IT is quickly moving from a “utility” role into a business “innovation” role.  That’s how the annual worldwide survey of

A Cloud Computing Evangelist Faces Indifference

Dice News,

It’s early, but CIOs hahd better prepare for cloud computing. Even if they think its overblown, there’s no denying that the benefits
of even the early stage server consolidation version of virtualization
offers enormous financial benefits.

Network Admins Are in High Demand

Chandler Harris,

Network Admins Are in High DemandAs networks continue to grow in size and complexity, so does the number of jobs for the people that manage them. Network administrators are in high demand now, and that’s expected to continue as the nature of the position becomes, well, more complex.

IT Must Learn Not to Fight

Dice News,

A flashpoint for many technology wars is ignited in today’s market when an equity fund rounds up a number of acquisitions, then seeks to blend them into one cohesive unit. But company A runs Oracle, company B is a SAP shop, C uses SAS, and pretty soon a brawl erupts.