Industry Insights

Tech Unemployment Held Steady in Q4

Dice Staff,

Unemployment for key technology positions such as Web developers and network administrators ticked upward slightly in the fourth quarter of

The High, High Cost of Recruiting Developers

Nate Swanner,

Employee turnover is a problem for any company, and the issue becomes exacerbated with long on-boarding times and equally long interactions with recruiters. A

What to Know When Recruiting Gen Z

Dice Staff,

Yet another generation of tech-savvy workers—the post-Millennial group known as Generation Z—will soon enter the workforce. Recruiters and hiring managers

Recruiting Engineers for Tech Startups

Nick Kolakowski,

As any hiring manager or recruiter knows, mid-level engineers with highly specialized skillsets tend to have their pick of jobs.

Winning Retention Strategies for Tech Pros

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Why are employers failing to retain valuable tech workers, even after lavishing them with outrageous perks and generous salaries? It’s because