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What to Do If You’re Hacked

Nick Kolakowski,

The high-profile hackings of Target, Sony Pictures, and other major corporations has led some executives to tighten up their security—but

Harper Reed

From Hacker to Obama’s CTO

Nick Kolakowski,

Harper Reed is most famous for his role as CTO of Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, but he’s served other prominent


Understanding This ‘Big Data’ Thing

Steven Gara,

Given how much businesses toss around terms like “Big Data” and “data analytics,” you’d think every employee at every organization


Google Wants to Make Cities Smarter

Nick Kolakowski,

Over the past decade or so, new technologies have promised to make cities “smarter.” Advocates suggest that the right combination

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Tesla Will Pay You to Hunt Bugs

Nick Kolakowski,

Here’s a sign that the future has well and truly arrived: An automobile company is offering bounties for any bugs

Google Security

Google Launches New Privacy Hub

Nick Kolakowski,

As a company tasked with storing and managing personal information on billions of people, Google has always faced criticism from