Nick Kolakowski

Nick Kolakowski has written for The Washington Post, Slashdot, eWeek, McSweeney's, Thrillist, WebMD, Trader Monthly, and other venues. He's also the author of "How to Become an Intellectual," a work of comedic nonfiction.
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Smartwatch Market Hits a Big Bump

Nick Kolakowski,

Is the smartwatch market a case of too much hype? New numbers from research firm IDC suggest there’s something afoot

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Tesla Upgrading Its Self-Driving Tech

Nick Kolakowski,

Tesla plans on integrating new hardware into all of its vehicles that will allow “full” self-driving capabilities, according to a

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Check Out Disney’s Open-Source Tools

Nick Kolakowski,

Like many companies, Disney leverages open-source software to keep its backend systems running. What tech pros might not know is


Imploding PC Market May Impact Devs

Nick Kolakowski,

Personal computer shipments continue to crater, according to new data from Gartner. The research firm suggested in a recent note