Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson is a journalist and editor with an abiding interest in the intersection of technology, art and culture.
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The Lamest Interview Question Ever

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson,

You can practice your interview elevator speech until you’re blue in the face, but if you respond robotically when you’re

Landing@ Allstate

What Allstate Wants in a Tech Pro

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson,

The Allstate Corporation is the third-largest personal lines insurer in the United States, and the largest that is publicly held.

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Green Energy Grows Tech Jobs

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson,

The renewable energy industry has grown at a rapid and steady pace over the past decade, and will probably continue

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How to Ace Your Technical Interview

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson,

Success at any job interview is based on putting your best foot forward. But that gets that much more difficult