Dino Londis


Prepping for a Tech Management Role

Dino Londis,

Many tech professionals don’t begin their careers with dreams of taking a management position. Many would rather spend their days


How to Start Learning Tech Design

Dino Londis,

While Apple co-founder Steve Jobs didn’t invent his company’s technology, his emphasis on good design ensured that his products seized


Break Out of Your Work Silo

Dino Londis,

As with most full-time employees across all industries, tech pros work within a tight niche, which can make it easy


The Need for Ethics in Tech

Dino Londis,

Although Volkswagen blames its recent emissions scandal on a handful of “rogue engineers,” authorities are still investigating the matter, and


Why Certification Is Great

Dino Londis,

Whether or not certifications have value is a back-and-forth argument that’s been going on since before Novell launched its CNE