Mark Feffer

Mark Feffer is the Managing Editor of Dice. He started as a videotape editor back when there was videotape to edit, then joined the news desk at Dow Jones News/Retrieval, the company's first online product. He produced The Wall Street Journal's first multimedia CD-ROMs and published his novel, "September," in 2006. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, their fierce terrier, and a schnauzer who wonders why she ever left California. He's a member of the Project Management Institute.
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How to Write Unbeatable IT Cover Letters

Mark Feffer,

By following a few simple guidelines, you can create an unbeatable IT
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Six Ways NOT to Get a Job

Mark Feffer,

Off-the-Rack resumes and networking only when you’re looking for work are just two examples of what not to do.

Older Tech Skills Still Have Legs

Mark Feffer,

Social media has attracted a huge amount of ink of late, but the overall growth in IT jobs tends to be much broader.