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How to Build Apps in Swift

David Bolton,

Earlier this year, Apple executives unveiled Swift, which is meant to eventually replace Objective-C as the programming language of choice

Passing a Function as Parameter in C#

Passing Functions as Parameters

David Bolton,

When I first started programming in the late 1970s, I was heavily into Pascal and the concept of passing an

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Is the Time Right to Learn Python 3?

David Bolton,

Python is an excellent and very popular programming language, considered one of the best-designed. It has a simple, clear syntax

Magnifying Code

4 Ways to Debug Application Crashes

David Bolton,

Among the worst things that can happen to an application developer is having their software crash at a customer’s location—and

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Pascal Is Way Underrated

David Bolton,

While it came slightly later to the party (see my article here), Pascal’s history can perhaps be summed up with