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Case-Mate’s Improved Candidate Experience

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Case-Mate, a mobile phone case producer, went from a nonexistent candidate process to a positive and successful candidate experience. See some of the examples of how they improved their candidate recruiting process.


PepsiCo’s Surprising Results from Mobile Candidates

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Pepsico’s Chris Hoyt says he would have started with a mobile career site, rather than with an app. See what else pleasantly surprised PepsiCo in their efforts to increase applications via mobile.

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Tackle New Technology at Work

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People are resistant to change, especially when it comes to tech. But if you introduce it the right way, technological change can be exciting. Hear Duane Lay’s advice on handling tech changes for your team.

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jobFig Screening Tool Ranks Candidates for Fit

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JobFig’s behavioral candidate screening tool assesses your current team and finds candidates that will work well with your group. Find out more about how the screening process works.


Forecasting the Future of Mobile Recruiting

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Statistics around mobile usage are staggering. These users are also your potential hires, so you need to know how to reach them. Watch what your colleagues said would improve the mobile recruiting process.


4 Steps to the Ideal Mobile Candidate Experience

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Want to create a mobile-based experience to reach out and connect with candidates? Ben Gotkin of Recruiting Toolbox has you covered with 4 steps for the ideal mobile candidate experience.


Recruitment Marketing via Personal Stories

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Companies are not only using recruiters to showcase their brand, but they are also counting on employees’ personal stories. See how else companies are personalizing recruitment.


HR is Primed to Take Advantage of Big Data

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HR has set its sights on big data, but that’s only half of the battle. Being able take advantage of that data and experiment is key. Find out how to get the most out of big data.


Case Study: How MTV Revamped Its Mobile Site

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Joe Lalley, VP of Digital Products for Viacom, shares his solid 8-step plan for improving your users’ mobile experience. Read more about how MTV handled each step in the process to achieve their mobile goals.

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A Smart Idea for the Future of Mobile Recruiting

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Jim Stroud of Bernard Hodes Group says an online job alert app that tracks users’ online activity and syncs them to relevant job postings is a creative solution on the mobile recruiting horizon.