David Spark


10 Traits of Inspiring Managers

David Spark,

Are you a good manager or a bad manager? Good managers inspire and motivate. Their employees are satisfied, committed, and

Computer Program

The Meaning of Code Is…

David Spark,

For years philosophers and gurus have tried to answer the ultimate question, “What’s the meaning of life?” At the 2012

Mad Programmer

How to Manage Testy Programmers

David Spark,

There’s tons of  training to become a developer but developers who become managers  often have little or no training. That’s

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Surviving a Technical Interview

David Spark,

Have you frozen during a technical interview, or been stumped by a question? Your answer should be “yes,” and you’re


How Small Is Your Cloud? Try a Box

David Spark,

Release yourself from the grip of the giant, public cloud and follow Dave Nielsen, the Cloud Evangelist of CloudCamp,  as