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What You Want For the Holidays

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INFOGRAPHIC: Remember that sweepstakes we ran on our Facebook page? We’ve compiled the results into something easy-to-digest to let you

Introducing the Dice Talent Network

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Now you’re able to network with recruiting decision-makers who have jobs to fill; share your resume with specific companies, while hiding it from others; and follow top companies to keep current with their updates – so you’re ready when an opportunity comes up. All on the Dice Talent Network.Dice Talent Network

Win $25K: Dice Best Interview Ever Contest

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The Five Best Technology Jobs. Ever. Well, Okay, for 2011Ahh – it’s 2011.  Since it’s already the third of the month and your New
Year’s resolution went out the window two days ago, we thought we’d recap the best tech jobs of 2010 (according to Money/

DiceTV: Geeky is as Geeky Does

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DiceTV: Geeky Is as Geeky DoesWhat’s it take to be a stand-out geek nowadays? It used to be as simple as wearing a pocket protector, but now you’ve got to bring out the big guns. During our recent visit to Gnomedex in Seattle, we met some pretty fantastic people with some pretty fantastic stories. Cue big guns.