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The Truth about Piercings, Tattoos and Hiring Managers

Dino Londis,

There’s no such thing as impartiality, Dino Londis points out. We all make hundreds of judgments about people every day. People’s prejudices don’t stop at the office door. And since the whole interview process is essentially one big judgment session, why would you think a manager would just look away from your body art?

Career Doctor: Why Informational Interviews Can Help Your Job Search

Mark Feffer,

Career DoctorDave Willmer on informational interviews: They’re a
powerful way to expand your network and learn about different
companies, industries and jobs. They can be particularly
helpful if you’re an entry-level professional or are looking to change
careers. While they’re not designed to lead directly to a job offer,
they can plant the seeds of opportunities that may emerge in the near
or distant future.

Career Doctor: Repairing Self-Inflicted Online Wounds

Mark Feffer,

Repairing Self-Inflicted Online WoundsMore employers are searching the Internet for information about job applicants, so it’s critical for candidates to actively maintain their online presence. And as hiring managers have become increasingly cautious about their investments in new staff, any red flags are likely to carry extra power.