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Building a Better Hiring Algorithm

William Terdoslavich,

To handle the daily flood of résumés, corporate HR relies on keywords to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff


Utah Tops Fastest-Growing Tech States

Nick Kolakowski,

Although people tend to focus on California as the nation’s tech hub, other states have grown their respective tech industries

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5 Biggest Errors on Your Résumé

Dice Staff,

Like many things in life, résumé-writing is something that’s easy to do but hard to master. While a great résumé


How Ex-Felons Can Get Hired in Tech

Mark Feffer,

Convicted felons face a notoriously difficult challenge in finding work after their release from prison. According to the Center for


Average Job Vacancy Dips to 26.5 Days

Dice Staff,

The DHI-DFH Mean Vacancy Duration measure found the average job vacancy duration of Professional and Business Services jobs to be