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Mastering the Art of Managing Up

Leslie Stevens-Huffman,

Every time you meet with your boss, you’re redefining your relationship. That’s a lot of pressure; if you offend them,


Unemployment Down, Layoffs Up in Q2

Nick Kolakowski,

Despite the usual chatter about a tech bubble (and scuttlebutt about when it might pop), hiring for tech professionals stayed

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Developers Will Need to Wait for HoloLens

Nick Kolakowski,

Every new technology needs buy-in from developers. The smartphone and tablet markets exploded after people began building mobile apps; companies

Zurich swings

When to Fear Office Perks

Myra Thomas,

Facebook and Google, with their unlimited food and free amenities, might offer the gold standard for employee perks. But small

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Microsoft Wants You to Pay for Solitaire

Nick Kolakowski,

You’re well aware of subscription models that allow you to stream unlimited content—whether movies, music, or television shows—for a monthly